Build a Copernican Orrery, a Solar Projector, Sun Dials, and other models with our AstroMedia cardboard kits that really work!

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We don’t just have telescopes, we also have the world’s only cardboard orrery, a fantastic solar projector, diverse sun dials, and other astronomy kits. Not only do they work, they also look great.

Replacement Belts for the Orrery

After lots of use the belts of the orrery can become brittle. Sunlight and over-stretching can speed up this process. Another reason can be “ozone cracking”, which can occur for example if there is a laser printer or photocopier in the same room as your orrery or if sunlight interacts with volatile organic liquids (VOL’s) in the room. A tiny amount of ozone (1 ppm) can be enough to start the process.

To make sure you can keep your beautiful orrery working for a long time we offer you these replacement belts.

Complete set of all 6 belts.


The Solar Projector

This practical instrument projects the sun onto a view screen. The diameter of the projection is adjustable to 55 or 75 mm. Easy and secure to use and therefore ideal to introduce children to the sun! The optics consists of an achromatic glass lens, one plane and two convex mirrors. The projector can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees, two quadrants measure the sun’s declination.

Size: 20 x 20 x 25 cm

Download Instructions

Construction in pictures


The AstroMedia Solar Observation Specs

If you want to look straight into the sun, you should only do so with the proper eye protection. The original Baader solar filters of these spectacles with a filter factor of 100,000 are CE certified and offer perfect protection when observing the sun.


The Copernican Orrery

A world premiere: the first ever fully functional cardboard orrery! It demonstrates the movements of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Moon around the Sun. One turn of the crank represents one week and shows the relative movements of the heavenly bodies accurately. The 4.5 cm measuring illuminated sun in the centre helps demonstrating the seasons, phases of  Moon and Venus, eclipses, and much more. A fantastic kit that never fails to impress!

Kit includes axles, magnets, pulley belts, planets, bearings, and LED light.

Height: 29.5 cm, diameter: 29 cm

Construction time: 30-70 hours (depending on experience)

Download Instructions

Construction in pictures


The Starry Sky Postcard

The instructions are in German, but the construction is simple... only a few cuts and a bit of gluing turn this postcard into the probably smallest model of the night sky with 800 stars and all star signs of the northern hemisphere. If you prick the stars with a needle before assembly, they even shine when held up to a light!


The Digital Sundial

This sundial actually shows the time in digits which are projected onto a tilting readout field. You can read true local time, standard time, and summer time on this beautifully made scientific instrument... to an accuracy of 5 minutes!

Can be adjusted to all latitudes between Oslo and Cairo.

Size: 19 x 12 x 16 cm

Download Instructions


The Universal Sundial Ring

This Queen of sundials can be adjusted to any location in the world to show the true local time.

An extremely robust and beautiful precision instrument.

Size: 1 x 14.4 c 17.5 cm

Download Instructions


The Stardial

How did our ancestors tell the time at night? This reconstruction of a 500 year old stardial shows the time with the help of the North Star and the Big Dipper. You can even read it in the dark, using only your finger tips!

On the back of the dial you find a mariner’s astrolabe for measuring the height of the Sun, stars, and landmarks.

Size: 3 x 16 x 29 cm

Download Instructions


The Sun Movement Simulator

This simple and easy to build model shows the movement of the sun in the sky for every location on the northern hemisphere and for every day of the year. Just tilt the horizontal plane to the desired latitude, move the sun (brass clip) to the correct date and the pivoting cardboard arc demonstrates the sun’s movement. You can even determine the points of sunrise and sunset on the horizon. Different day lengths for summer and winter, polar day and night, equator sun, etc. can be easily demonstrated.

This kit is not pre-punched, the parts need cutting out with scissors or a craft-knife

Ideal for teaching, e.g. astronomy classes.

Height with stand: 10.5 cm

Download Instructions



No 229.KOP

Here’s a YouTube video of the completed orrery.

One of our customers kindly sent us these pictures of his completed orrery : Pic1, Pic2

(Thank you Stephen!)


No 230.KOR


No 227.SPR


No 260.ASB


No 281.PKS

The Sundial Postcard

The sundial you can send by mail! The latitude can be adjusted between 45 and 57 degrees. The instructions are in German, but the construction is really easy... only a few cuts and a bit of gluing turn this card into a classical horizontal sundial.



No 280.PKH


No 215.GDS


No 216.RSU


No 221.ASU


No 116.SNG

Here are the instructions in Italian, translated by our customer Fabio Babini from the Associazione Astronomica del Rubicone

File set

Set of three files (each fine and medium), ideal to smooth and clean edges and burrs of our cardboard kits. Also suitable for wood and soft plastic.



No 400.SBF

The Desktop Planetarium

Kit for a classical armillary sphere, the standard instrument for observer-centred astronomy for over 2000 years.

With this beautiful Desktop Planetarium you can easily visualise the movement of Sun, Moon, planets, and fixed stars above and below the horizon for any location on Earth and any day of the year. A real gem, not only as an astronomical instrument and teaching tool, but also as a fantastic showpiece.


  1. -Meridian adjustable for all angles including north and south pole

  2. -Ecliptic with dates, degree scale, and stellar constellations

  3. -Equinoctial with apparent local time, twilight zones, and lengths of day and night

  4. -Lunar orbit with moveable nodes and eclipse indicators

  5. -Foam rubber planets that can be positioned freely on the ecliptic

  6. -Constructed from four layers of cardboard, nearly as strong as laminated wood

  7. -Collapsible when built with our optional set of Barrel Bolts (see below)!

Pre-punched kit with gold, black, red, blue, and white printing.

Construction time: 8-12 hours

Includes: planet spheres, axles, and PVC bearings.

Height: 34cm, Diameter: 33cm

Download Instructions

Construction in pictures

Download Ephemeris Table for 2017

Download Ephemeris Table for 2018



No 212.TPL

Barrel Bolts

The Desktop Planetarium is a beautiful instrument and showpiece. But it is also a very useful teaching tool. If you are planning on transporting your valuable Planetarium to different venues, it is helpful if you can take it apart and transport it flat. With these barrel bolts you can take the rings and stands apart and put them back together again whenever you need to. Made from brass, they also complement the classical look of the Planetarium nicely.

Set of 18 brass barrel bolts.

Length: 5mm, Diameter: 5mm



No 434.BUS

The AstroMedia Solar Observation Specs Kit

If you want to look straight into the sun, you should only do so with the proper eye protection.

With a bit of cutting and glue you can make your own Solar Observation Specs with original Baader solar filters with a filter factor of 100,000. The filters are CE certified and offer perfect protection when observing the sun.



No 109.SSB

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